Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Benefits of an Eye-Catching Web Design

Think a well-designed website won't do anything for your brand? Think again! In Lloydminster, more businesses like yours are taking the plunge and redesigning their websites. The result? More leads, bigger traffic, and an improvement in their bottom line. Here are two benefits of web design if you own a small business in Lloydminster. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Websites with Eye-Catching Design: The Ins and Outs of Website Design

Lloydminster has advanced in leaps and bounds during recent years and presently, it seems as if every business within this community now has their own dedicated website. However, those who are new to this realm should always utilise the services of a trained professional. What are some of the reasons why this approach is so very effective? Leads Equate to Sales Generating leads is the top priority for any company. Should the site not receive the exposure that is required or if it set up in a rather clumsy fashion, visitors will be less likely to read what it is that may be offered. In other words, a potential sale can be killed before the engagement process ever began. Page Load Times One of the issues that some do-it-yourself businesses encounter is that their page takes an extremely long time to load. Users simply do not have the patience to wait.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Animation in Moderation: Tips for Using Animation in Website Design

Website design has come a long way from pitch black screens and monochrome pixels to minimalistic and flat layouts. Designers these days are capable of producing impressive feats using interactive elements like animation. The only problem is that some people tend to abuse the power a good animation has to the point that users no longer find it entertaining or practical. As with anything related to design, animation has to be done in moderation. Here are some animation tips for businesses in Lloydminster to use on their web design. Make It Useful It looks like minimal web layouts are in it for the long haul. With such a flat and bland environment, users need something to tell them what to do or where to click. That’s where animation comes in. Make it eye-catching and entertaining, but make it useful as well so that users don’t think of it as a nuisance.

Things that Matter in Web Design

Any entity looking to take advantage of the presence of consumers online should start with web design. It is apparent that websites play a huge role in online marketing. Online sites serve as avenues for people to locate companies and brands. Through websites, enterprises create online visibility, which has become imperative in the world people live in today. Some fundamentals have a significant bearing when getting web design in Lloydminster, Canada.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Why you should hire a professional web designer

As the head of your business, you obviously want to make the best impression possible on all your customers and stakeholders. In the modern scope of business, it’s essential that you maintain a both functional and attractive website to achieve this. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should invest in a professional web designer.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Three Web Design Trends to Watch in 2016

2015 was certainly an interesting year for web design, and users have seen a lot of consistent themes emerge. As the world edges toward 2016, there are a few trends that are already looking like they’re going to take off in the New Year. Here are three of these ideas:

Monday, September 7, 2015

Website Design Overhaul: Move to Responsive to Get Even More Traffic

Lloydminster businesses are always on the lookout for ways to increase incoming traffic to their websites. Strategies like SEO and backlinking are becoming popular; however, one method is increasingly gaining traction—adopting a responsive web design. Responsive website design is an approach to web design that emphasises maximum accessibility for visitors. Professional web design agencies like Hotline Web Design use this method if they want a site that adapts to the viewer's platform. For example, if you're looking at a site on a desktop, it looks like your normal webpage; however, you can also view the same site on your smartphone with no difficulties. This design approach has several advantages. Nice and Friendly One of the main reasons you'll want to shift to responsive web design is that it results in a very nice-looking and easily accessible website. Responsive web design works better with clean layouts.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Web Design Info: Will the Upcoming Panda Update Affect Your Website?

Google Panda is set to implement new updates in the coming weeks. With each new release comes a lot of speculation on what it could mean for a website overall. After all, the original Panda algorithm was aimed at ensuring that unscrupulous websites with copied or scraped content were pushed to the bottom of search results. Google emphasizes that the update is just a simple refresh and not an algorithm change. Sites that have been suffering from the current algorithm may soon find that they will be able to recover. Nevertheless, Panda will continue to emphasize the need for websites to frequently publish high-quality posts and content.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Move to Responsive Web Design to Get More Traffic

Responsive web design is becoming very popular for websites. Many SEO specialists recommend it. This design approach has several advantages.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

What Comprises a Sound Digital Strategy?

A company's online presence shouldn’t live and die with its website alone. Today, the rise of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets—along with the prevalence of social media— means that businesses have more to think about than ever before with regards to their online marketing tools.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mobile Responsiveness: Website Design for Lloydminster Businesses

"There are multiple reasons why you should get professional website designers to do the website design for your Lloydminster business, but we can sum it up to two: cost-effectiveness and enhanced audience experience. A responsive website allows your site to be viewable on a desktop or a mobile phone so that you won’t have to pay for individual websites for multiple screens and gadgets to maintain your site’s quality. This offers a satisfactory user experience when your audience can visit your site anytime, anywhere with their mobile gadgets without having to tolerate poor graphics and difficult navigation. Perhaps, the most compelling reason of all is that your website’s responsiveness affects your search engine ranking. Ranking is visibility; visibility is traffic; traffic is conversion, and conversion to paying customers is cash. Here’s how search engines reward sites that shift to responsive web design."

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Importance of a Good Web Design

When you go through the website of a company offering the product or service you’re looking for, and find what you need on the first page, it's usually down to the good design of that company's website. Usability can make all the difference when it comes to losing or retaining customers, and can be improved by considering and improving a number of factors--something a professional can take care of for you.

One such factor is the simple aesthetics of your website, and how professional it looks to a potential client. Remember that the Internet is a primarily visual medium, and while it's important to include images and videos which will draw potential clients in, a poor web designer can easily become carried away, and let an otherwise good page become saturated with visual features. The design of a company website should not only draw in the viewer, but lead them organically on to smaller details and features of the site, through carefully implemented graphics, spacing and typography.

Another essential feature of web design is organization. A lot like your home or office, every little feature of your business's website must have a logical place which will help visitors find what they're looking for quickly and easily. Before releasing your site or a new page, you should make sure that the main and secondary content is shown clearly through size and location.

Careful consideration of the above factors can and will make the difference between a viewer staying or leaving your business's website. Good design will have a swift improvement to your traffic, and ultimately, your revenue.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lloydminster Website Design: Importance of a Responsive Web Design

Google has always been the guide for internet marketers and web designers. Their search algorithms are carefully studied and its preferred criteria is integrated into the internet marketing strategy and professional Lloydminster website design in order to get high marks from Google and achieve a higher search ranking. The criteria keeps changing every now and then, and people have to be aware of this and adjust their strategy accordingly. Lately, there has been an added emphasis on making a responsive web design, or a website that adjusts to smaller screens such as that of a smartphone or a tablet. This is due to the fact that more and more people are relying heavily on their mobile devices and are using it as a primary way of browsing the web, even more so than their computers.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Outdated Web Design Trends to Avoid This Year

In the past few years, trends for web design, like the web itself, has been constantly evolving and changing for the better, and to win on your online marketing strategy, keeping track of the latest trends is vital. Some websites, however, make the mistake of following outdated web design trends, often leading to disastrous results. When improving your website’s design, here are the trends you should avoid at all costs.

Complex Designs

There was a time when people believed that the more complex a design looks, the more attractive it is. On the contrary, most modern websites opt for a simplistic and minimalist design, and more people are attracted to websites with less flash media and graphics.


With smartphones and tablets taking the world by storm, and with more people using the Internet from their mobile gadgets, websites that can only be viewed on desktops are the first ones to lose in online marketing. Ensuring that your website can also be accessed on these devices is a definite must.


Gone are the days when Times New Roman or Calibri were the only fonts of choice for a website’s typography. Now, most websites opt for bigger and bolder fonts that work best in attracting the reader’s attention.

Multiple Pages

Your visitors will want to reach the page they are looking for as soon as possible, and you won’t help them by leading them to more pages. As with more people opting for simplistic design, users want less links to click.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Increasing Conversion Rate with a Responsive Lloydminster Web Design

A recent comScore report published by Smart Insights shows that the Internet population has reached a tipping point. Globally, the number of mobile users has surpassed desktop users. This comes as no surprise since the number of mobile users has more than doubled in the past 6 years compared to desktop users who only increased by around 14%. Considering the pace at which new devices are introduced, businesses would have to maintain several versions of a website merely to provide a satisfying user experience. Such an approach is downright costly, impractical, and time-consuming, however, which is why innovators were prompted to come up with a more efficient approach: mobile responsive web design. A lot of local businesses have since sought the assistance of Lloydminster website design specialists in creating mobile-responsive websites that provide a seamless browsing experience.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Top Web Design Trends This 2015

Web design circles continue to buzz nowadays, and it’s fair to say that today’s web design landscape is far more different than last year’s. Here are some of these trends that have been commonly occurring among various websites—if you have been paying close attention enough to notice:
Long Scrolling Sites – The web page for Apple’s iPhone 6 is a perfect example of a long scrolling site. As mobile devices have become more popular lately, more and more websites have opted for continuous scrolling instead of simply putting links as a means of displaying content; it’s considered much easier for users to simply scroll down than constantly clicking to pursue the information they want.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Three Major Components of a Good Web Design

There’s more to a website design than just aesthetics. Aesthetics is just one among the many elements that should work together to make a website worthy of being indexed by giant search engine sites. Here are three major components website owners and designers should not miss out on when creating and designing a website.