Monday, March 23, 2015

Three Major Components of a Good Web Design

There’s more to a website design than just aesthetics. Aesthetics is just one among the many elements that should work together to make a website worthy of being indexed by giant search engine sites. Here are three major components website owners and designers should not miss out on when creating and designing a website.


A website’s usability pertains to the ease in scanning and understanding the content of webpages. It involves choosing the right typography, methods of presenting ideas through text, and placement of vital words and phrases. Some of the best ways to improve a website’s usability include using headings to break up long articles, providing sufficient spacing between content components, and creating user-friendly hyperlinks.

Content Quality

Making your webpages usable is not enough. The content itself must be useful to visitors, or they would simply hop away when it fails to give them the information they need. Information must be relevant to the target audience’s lifestyle, or must give detailed answers to their specific questions. Short but substantial texts are often preferred.

Look and Appeal

Once you establish a steady structure for your website, you can now work out the aesthetics. Your website must look good to be remembered. However, veer away from putting too many embellishments. A professional-looking website attracts more visitors, and has greater potential to generate conversions than an overly-decorated one.

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