Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Top Web Design Trends This 2015

Web design circles continue to buzz nowadays, and it’s fair to say that today’s web design landscape is far more different than last year’s. Here are some of these trends that have been commonly occurring among various websites—if you have been paying close attention enough to notice:
Long Scrolling Sites – The web page for Apple’s iPhone 6 is a perfect example of a long scrolling site. As mobile devices have become more popular lately, more and more websites have opted for continuous scrolling instead of simply putting links as a means of displaying content; it’s considered much easier for users to simply scroll down than constantly clicking to pursue the information they want.
Making It Big” – What this means is that web designs are increasingly putting focus on first impressions. If you’ve seen home pages with sizeable images and minimal text lately, it’s because of this. This design trend can also be labeled a “Cinematic” or “Book Cover”, which are obviously inspired by the styles they are named after.
Ghost Buttons – Perhaps one of the fastest-growing web design trends, the ghost button is basically an offshoot of flat UI design where buttons use a single-color background with a seemingly 2-D appearance. Ghost buttons are specifically designed to be “empty” or semi-transparent, and often resemble boxes with colorful borders. A good example of ghost buttons would be the ones on the website of the creative agency The Distance.

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