Monday, May 18, 2015

Outdated Web Design Trends to Avoid This Year

In the past few years, trends for web design, like the web itself, has been constantly evolving and changing for the better, and to win on your online marketing strategy, keeping track of the latest trends is vital. Some websites, however, make the mistake of following outdated web design trends, often leading to disastrous results. When improving your website’s design, here are the trends you should avoid at all costs.

Complex Designs

There was a time when people believed that the more complex a design looks, the more attractive it is. On the contrary, most modern websites opt for a simplistic and minimalist design, and more people are attracted to websites with less flash media and graphics.


With smartphones and tablets taking the world by storm, and with more people using the Internet from their mobile gadgets, websites that can only be viewed on desktops are the first ones to lose in online marketing. Ensuring that your website can also be accessed on these devices is a definite must.


Gone are the days when Times New Roman or Calibri were the only fonts of choice for a website’s typography. Now, most websites opt for bigger and bolder fonts that work best in attracting the reader’s attention.

Multiple Pages

Your visitors will want to reach the page they are looking for as soon as possible, and you won’t help them by leading them to more pages. As with more people opting for simplistic design, users want less links to click.

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