Thursday, July 23, 2015

What Comprises a Sound Digital Strategy?

A company's online presence shouldn’t live and die with its website alone. Today, the rise of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets—along with the prevalence of social media— means that businesses have more to think about than ever before with regards to their online marketing tools.

 It’s impossible to ignore social media’s influence in today's digital world. With new ways to share information popping up all the time, you'll need to keep on top of your interactions with customers and other businesses, and to make sure that the impression your company gives on social media dovetails with the ethos of the brand.

Marketing is also a key part of a digital strategy. You'll need to work out how and where to advertise your brand, both locally and further afield.

That being said, the website remains the cornerstone of your organisation's web presence and where a web strategy should start. Good web design means both the visual appearance of a website and the code behind it. In combination, these make a site recognisable, attractive, and fast to load and use, across mobile devices as well as on a desktop browser.

Search engine optimisation will help people find your website, but it's important to have great content when they get there. That's what keeps customers coming back to your site.
All other areas of a web strategy are designed to drive traffic towards the website, so make sure what's there is relevant, easy to find, and kept up to date.

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